Today, I will show you how to integrate this Point Pop Up Template into your project

Download & Extract

To begin, download the files and extract it. Once completed, you should be able to see the file below:


Copy & Paste The File

  • You can copy & paste the .rpy file or drag & drop the .rpy file into your project
  • notify2.png should be place in your images folder
  • Ofc you can use any other imageg as well

Test The Screen

  • To confirm that everything works as intended
  • you can test this screen by adding call A_LovePoint after label start

Change Style

  • To let you see the change of variable, I created screen CharA_LovePoint
  • If you dont need it then you can delete this line show screen CharA_LovePoint
  • I made 3 styles for this screen, you can change the style by change the numbers
  • ex.: style_prefix “style001” -> style_prefix “style002”
  • you can read the comment in pop-up.rpy to get more information


  • More Information about how to edit or modify the screen can be found in the pop-up.rpy

For Members

This template is free for my members

If you can’t download the file or have any problems downloading it, feel free to email me!