Today, I will show you how to integrate this Name Input Screen into your project

Download & Extract

To begin, download the files and extract it. Once completed, you should be able to see the file below :

Copy & Paste The File

Here you can directly copy and paste the provided code into your project.
Alternatively, you may also copy and paste the entire folder


In addition to the .rpy file, UI images are also inclueded.
There are 4 versions to choose from

  1. can let player pick their gender
  2. allows players to select their preferred pronouns and main character sprite
  3. allows players to enter their name without other function
  4. like 2. one but other design
  • they all have Idle and Hover Version
  • Note: the pronouns screen only has english version (no Chinese Version)

Put The Images Into Your Project

  • you can drop the entire name folder into your images (or gui folder )
  • your images or gui folder will looks like this


  • or, if you prefer, you can also put the name folder in other location
  • just make sure to be mindful of the image path so that Ren’Py can locate the correct images
  • by default the path is for example: images/name/v1/idle/confirm
  • therefore, you need to ensure that the name folder is placed within the images folder

Test The Screen

  • To confirm that everything works as intended
  • you can test this screen by adding call screen name after label start


  • More Information about how to edit or modify the screen can be found in the name.rpy